All the Ways Your Volkswagen Can Keep You Safe

March 27th, 2020 by



Safety is a chief interest for car shoppers, which is why new Volkswagen models come with innovative technology to protect you and your passengers. Models like the Golf offer a good look at the kinds of Volkswagen safety features you will find throughout our inventory. We’ve put together this guide to introduce you to the most widely available driver assistance features from VW.

Explore Available Safety Features for Your Volkswagen

Remain Alert

Volkswagen’s safety systems offer assistance that helps you make daily driving decisions. For example, Lane Assist with available Lane Departure Warning alerts you if you start to drift into a different lane. Most models help you steer to keep your stride in the same lane. The Blind Spot Monitor also helps in driving decisions, using sensors to detect what your eyes might overlook. The optional Area View camera can also give you a wider perspective of your surroundings, so you can make the most informed decisions.

Stay Safe at Any Speed

A parking lot can be just as hazardous as a highway. Features like Park Assist can help you automatically navigate a parking lot. This function can automatically steer your car upon finding a parking space it will fit in. You control the accelerator and brake, and your Volkswagen can handle the rest. Available Park Pilot, or Park Distance Control, also uses sensors to navigate getting in and out of tight spaces. It allows you to visualize how much space you have on your monitor, with a warning sound to alert you if you get too close to other surrounding objects.

Brace for Impact

Automatic Post-Collision Braking System makes sure your vehicle is stopped after the impact of a collision. It reduces the chance of additional impacts by slowing your vehicle down in the event that the collision does not stop the vehicle. Intelligent Crash Response System (ICRS) also responds proactively to a crash by automatically deploying the airbags, unlocking your doors, turning off the fuel pump, and turning on your hazard lights. Volkswagen builds your vehicle to prevent crashes, but if they occur, they are also made to help you respond in the face of shock.

Prevention Is the Best Approach

Rear Traffic Alert and Front Assist monitor wider views surrounding your vehicle to alert you to any obstacles or pedestrians you might not see. Front Assist features Autonomous Emergency Braking, which can stop the car automatically when necessary, if a potential imminent collision is detected.

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