Buying a Used Car: Low Mileage or Young Age?

November 18th, 2016 by

Classic Beetle

Age before beauty. Or is it beauty before age? When it comes to buying a used car, does it really matter? There are older cars with low mileage, and there are newer cars with heavier mileage. So which one is preferred?

Actually, there are benefits to both.

Older Models with Fewer Miles

One of the scariest things about buying an older used car is having to immediately spend a small fortune on repairs soon after driving it home. But provided that the car was properly stored and driven at least semi-regularly (just to keep the juices flowing), a car with low mileage is always a safe bet no matter how old it may be. The lifespan of parts is generally counted in miles and not years, so the parts on a low mileage car will most often be in good working condition and will reduce the odds of you buying a lemon while maximizing the amount of time you have before things start to go awry.

Newer Cars with More Miles

Buying a used car can sometimes mean sacrificing some of the latest and greatest amenities offered by newer models. But this sacrifice can be circumvented by opting for a used car that’s only a few years old. If it’s high on mileage, it may mean snagging a car with all the modern bells and whistles without breaking the bank.

Plus, a newer car has been exposed to fewer winter seasons and the bulk of those miles are likely highway miles, which are less hazardous to a car’s health than city miles.

The Winner Is…

The best value in a used car doesn’t necessarily reside with one or the other demographics described above. The truth is, getting the most value out of a used car purchase comes down to the certification standards set forth by the dealership. At Street Volkswagen, we don’t just sell any old used VW. Our certified pre-owned program requires all vehicles to pass a 112-point inspection performed by a factory-trained technician. As a consumer, you may also view the car’s vehicle history report as well as the research we make available for all our used VW models.

Browse our used inventory and soak in all the beauty — or age — of a used Volkswagen.