What Does the I.D. Buzz Concept Mean for the Future of VW?

January 27th, 2017 by

I.D. Buzz Concept

At this year’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Volkswagen took the opportunity to show off their I.D. Buzz Concept along with some general information on the I.D. Series of electric vehicles. These cars are set to complement the current Volkswagen lineup and help the brand appeal to even more drivers.

Getting to Know the I.D. Buzz Concept

The I.D. Buzz Concept is a modern take on the original Volkswagen Bus that was such an iconic vehicle for travelers, families, and more. The VW Bus hasn’t been on sale in the United States in years, although you will still find plenty of used models in other countries. You won’t even find a current Volkswagen van in the U.S., but the I.D. Buzz Concept may be setting the stage for a comeback.

Quick Overview

The I.D. Buzz is an electric and autonomous microbus that brings back fond memories of the original VW bus that drivers and passengers alike loved. From the outside, it looks very reminiscent of this model but with plenty of modern touches. It has the new MEB platform that will also be found on other Volkswagen electric vehicles.

The I.D. Buzz is all-wheel drive and has 369-horsepower. It has the ability to go 270 miles on a charge, drive up to 99 MPH, and reach 60 MPH in just five seconds. There should also be a version with slightly less range, 268-horsepower, and rear-wheel drive.

Autonomous Technology

The big news for the I.D. Buzz Concept is that it has an autonomous feature. You can put it in I.D. Pilot mode, which will retract the steering wheel so that you can swivel your driver’s seat 180 degrees and face your traveling companions. This is the perfect example of what many drivers want from autonomous vehicles, as it focuses on enjoying your traveling experience.

Where to Find All Your Favorite VW Models

The I.D. series, including the I.D. Buzz, wasn’t the only group of Volkswagen models that made an appearance at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show. That’s great news because the I.D. Buzz is unlikely to reach production without some changes and several years of work.
Volkswagen also showed off the VW Atlas, which will be available to drivers in Amarillo and around the country in the near future. You will be able to find this SUV, along with all your favorite VW models at Street Volkswagen, where we have an extensive selection of new and used vehicles. Make sure you check out what we’ve written about the Atlas, then stop by our dealership to schedule a test drive.

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