The Future Is Near And VW Electric Vehicles Are Leading The Way

October 21st, 2016 by

 VW Electric Vehicle

In the not too distant future, more electric vehicles will move from drawing boards and test beds to the highways and byways. Concerns over fuel prices and emissions have car companies across the world working overtime to develop the next generation of personal transportation.

Volkswagen is at the front of the revolution, with current and upcoming VW electric vehicles in the e-Golf, BUDD-e, and I.D. concept cars pointing toward the future of the automobile. Let’s take a look at the EVs you can expect to see from your favorite German manufacturer.

Electric Vehicles Brought to You by Volkswagen

e-Golf: The Future Is Now

Taking the already popular Golf platform and electrifying it was always going to produce an excellent car. The superior versatility and sporty driving style of this compact make it an ideal fit for the needs of EV drivers.

With up to 83 miles on a single charge and the ability to charge up at home, the 5-seat VW e-Golf is an incredibly capable city car that’s both friendly to the environment and the pocketbook. There’s a reason Car and Driver gave the e-Golf their Editors Choice award: it really is that good.

BUDD-e: The Microbus ReImagined

Unveiled at CES 2016, the VW BUDD-e concept vehicle is a look into Volkswagen’s development pipeline, with a vehicle designed from the ground up around electric vehicle technology.

Using Modular Electric Toolkit (MEB) architecture, space and efficiency is maximized as the BUDD-e isn’t constrained by the design requirements of internal combustion engines. The microbus reborn also touts speedy charging capabilities. VW believes that by 2019 electric vehicle batteries will be able to charge to 80% within 15 minutes and have greatly increased range. This is one vehicle that raises eyebrows and starts conversations.

I.D. concept: Science Fiction Becomes Reality

The newest Volkswagen EV concept was unveiled recently at the Paris Auto Show, making a big splash in the process. VW says it will hit showroom floors by 2020, offering over 200 miles of range between charges and create additional cabin space through the MEB architecture.

The technology advances don’t stop there. Volkswagen aims to make this vehicle available with a fully autonomous driving mode by 2025. While that may seem like a lofty goal, these commitments show that Volkswagen is serious about their electric vehicle future, as they look to change the world, one car at a time.

Street VW is Proud to Represent Progress

The future of automotive technology and innovation is near, and Volkswagen is leading the way with their present and near-future offerings. Vehicles like the e-Golf, BUDD-e, and I.D. show the level of responsibility Volkswagen is taking to improve the automotive landscape.

If you’re interested in learning more about these electric vehicles, or any other Volkswagen offerings, stop by Street VW in Amarillo, where we’re happy to help you navigate an electrifying future.

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