4 Tips for Waxing Your Car to Get it Looking Like New

September 4th, 2018 by

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Regularly waxing your car, truck, or SUV makes your car look great, and it also adds a layer of protection from potential damages that can lead to chipped paint and rust buildup. According to Kelley Blue Book, waxing also helps to maintain the value of your vehicle in the event that you choose to trade it in or sell it in the future.

Follow these 4 tips for waxing your car if you want to preserve its appearance for years to come.

4 Tips for Waxing Your Car

Wax in Optimal Conditions

Before you prepare your car to be waxed, ensure that the weather conditions are on your side. If the temperature is too hot, or your vehicle is in direct sunlight, the wax on your car will dry too quickly, which will make it more difficult to remove once applied. Cold weather leads to similar difficulties.

Try to wax your car in the shade on a cool day. If you can do it under an awning or in a garage, that’s even better.

Wash and Dry Your Car

Waxing your car is easier, and the results look better when you work with a clean car. You also want to ensure the vehicle is completely dry before adding any wax. Bust out your shammy and sponge and get to work.

Gather Your Tools

Waxing your vehicle requires using the right tools and products, and you’ll want to read all instructions closely. It’s important to acquire a quality wax, application sponges, and microfiber towels.

Pay attention to how much wax the product recommends to use before emptying a new container, and whether or not the wax can be applied to exterior plastic parts, like the headlights and taillights.

Less is More

When applying wax to your car, less is always more. Start waxing one small area of the car at a time rather than waxing the entire car at once, and move your hands in small, circular motions. Cover the surface of your car in a thin layer of wax.

When you notice a white, chalky appearance to your car, the wax has dried. Taking your microfiber towel, use more small, circular motions to remove the excess wax.

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