With So Many VW Cars to Choose From, Which One is Right For You?

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The Volkswagen lineup is as diverse as the drivers on the road. With sedans, SUVs, wagons and compacts, Volkswagen has designed a car to fit any personality, taste, and driving style. So which VW car is right for you?

Finding the Volkswagen Car For You


Volkswagen holds its own in the ultra-competitive sedan class with three different cars for three different drivers.

  • Jetta. Volkswagen’s best-selling model that has been rolling off the assembly line since 1979 speaks of safety, sophistication, and fuel economy.
  • Passat. More spacious than the Jetta, the Passat offers a little more practicality inside a more conservative exterior design.
  • CC. The CC is the Volkswagen sedan with a more premium look. The lower roofline gives it a bit of a coupe feel.


The popularity of SUVs has taken off over the last decade and Volkswagen forayed into this class with two larger cars to meet the demand.

  • Tiguan. The Tiguan is a tidier SUV with a peppy turbocharged engine to match. The nimbleness is exactly what you would expect from a Volkswagen.
  • Touareg. The Touareg is a step up from the Tiguan in terms of luxury, and it comes standard with all-wheel drive.


Nobody knows wagons like Volkswagen and the brand continues to raise the bar in this category.

  • Golf SportWagen. The Golf SportWagen is a unique mix of the interior space and versatility offered by an SUV but with the sleekness and driveability of a sedan.
  • Golf Alltrack. The Alltrack is strikingly similar in design to the popular Subaru Outback but comes with a higher fun factor.


Small, nimble, and zippy. That’s what most people imagine when they think of Volkswagen, and these two compact designs are two of the staples of the brand.

  • Beetle. Everyone knows the VW Beetle and the latest model year strikes a perfect balance between retro style and functional driving.
  • Golf. The Golf model is most at home in the compact market, offering the economical Golf, the sportier GTI, the electric e-Golf and the higher-performance Golf R.


Volkswagen let its hair down to appeal to a whole new segment of drivers.

  • Beetle Convertible. Love everything about the Beetle except the roof over your head? Consider the head-turning convertible.

Test Drive Your Next Volkswagen in Amarillo

Still can’t decide which Volkswagen car is right for you? You can build your own, or just stop into Street VW in Amarillo, Texas, to browse our selection of new and used Volkswagens, speak with our friendly and knowledgeable staff members, and head out on a test drive.

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