5 Incredible Innovations Volkswagen Brought to CES 2017

January 20th, 2017 by

VW Innovations

At the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) event in Las Vegas, Volkswagen took the stage to show off their new infotainment system and plenty of other innovations. With all the new technology coming your way, there are more reasons than ever before to get excited about the future of Volkswagen.

VW Shows Off New Infotainment Features at CES 2017

User-ID Profile

The User-ID profile is part of the infotainment system that Volkswagen is working on, which is crucial for people who share a vehicle. This profile lets you set preferences for things like dash display configurations, ambient light settings, and more. Profiles can also recognize and save your favorite multimedia like music and podcasts.

Digital Key

Although the Digital Key technology was first introduced at the 2015 CES show,  it has only been available on the e-Golf until now with limited functionality. If you have the e-Golf with this system, you can use your smartphone to open or close your car.

Thanks to the new User-ID profile, the Digital Key will go a step further. Now whenever you get inside, the vehicle will already know your preferred settings.

With the updated system, Volkswagen also lets you use your Digital Key to set restrictions. The time-based restrictions are great for anyone with teen drivers or you can get creative and unlock your trunk, allowing your preferred delivery service to place package inside. Of course, this can also do wonders for car-sharing services.

Alexa Voice Services Integration

People who love the Car-Net connected telematics services appreciated hearing about Alexa Voice Services integration. Now you will be able to rely on Alexa to access your apps and services that are accessible through Car-Net. Alexa can also control these functions outside of your car as well.

Updated HUD

The newest version of the Head-Up Display (HUD) system has two planes of display. A projection that seems as if it is a few feet in front of the Volkswagen will show immediate information such as navigation. Less important information will be displayed by the windshield’s base, such as your radio station.

Other VW Innovations at CES

In addition to the Volkswagen innovations related to the infotainment system, the automaker showed off other advances.

The evolved Digital Cockpit creates a 3D effect with its twin-stacked screens. This should make navigation easier by adding depth. The I.D. Concept car also made an appearance with its 168-horsepower electric motor and four-door hatch design. This vehicle is expected to arrive in 2020. By 2025, Volkswagen hopes to have an autonomous version available. It is the first model built with the new Modular Electric Drive platform.

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