5 Tips To Keep Your Car Safe And Sound No Matter Where You Go

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It’s time to leave the office. You can’t wait to get home and relax, it’s been one of those days.

As you rush around trying to collect all of your stuff and jam it in your bag, you are already fantasizing about the evening ahead. You grab your keys, time to go!

You walk outside to where you parked your car…

Your stomach drops…

It’s gone!

The problem with theft, is we don’t think of protecting our assets until it’s too late. With an estimate of over 751,000 in stolen cars each year – it’s worth taking the time now to know how to protect your assets in the long-run.

Which is exactly what we hope to help you within this article.

Keep Track Of Your Keys

It’s nothing to feel bad about.

We all lose our keys at one point or another. A night full of fun activities, one drink too many. And before you know it your keys will have played a magic act, and disappeared.

I mean, sometimes I swear they have legs to walk off with.

But it’s also the easy jackpot for lurking thieves to take advantage of. Especially if you misplace your keys in public.

In fact, when you report a car theft to the police, the first thing they will ask is whether or not you have all of your keys. And trust me, if you keep a spare key in the vehicle – be prepared to face insurance hell!

The good news is now that you know this, you can prevent it.

There are applications that you can use to keep track of your keys with a microchip tracking device that synchronizes with your phone. Read more about these applications here.

Avoid Dodgy Parking Areas

Trying to find parking can be a real pain. Especially if you have just traveled a long-distance. The last thing you want to do is drive back and forth waiting for someone to leave ideal parking.

Let’s not even mention the gas costs for doing this.

However, would you rather spend the extra 10-minutes, and $20 gas bill, or lose a $20,000 + value vehicle?

When looking for parking in an area that you know is risky, try to look for parking that is in a well-lit area – preferably near parking lots, which have cameras for that extra little bit of security.

Definitely, do not leave your car for extended periods of time in closed-off parking lots or garages. And when you do park in those, be sure to stay as close to cameras/attendants as you possibly can.

If you have no choice but to leave your car parked in a secure garage for an extended period of time, we suggest investing in a car cover.


Less eye-candy for those looking to make a quick buck from your assets.

Hide Valuables In Your Vehicle

Would you walk down an alleyway alone with your new iPhone out? Would you flaunt $10,000 cash that you have in your bag to everyone close to you?

Probably not, why? Because you know that doing that will only lead to trouble.

The same principle applies to the valuables in your vehicle. That Ipad you left on the seat, the couple hundred dollars in the passenger door – that’s all eye-candy convincing thieves it’s worth their time.

And if you are one that keeps a spare in the vehicle…

What could have just been a smash and grab just became a missing car?
If you do need to take your valuables with you, put it in the cubbyhole, hide it under the chair. Anywhere that is not visible to outside passerby’s is really fine.

There Are Anti-Theft Devices That You Can Invest In

Blue 2019 Volkswagen Atlas parked in driveway

Thieves look for easy targets. That means vehicles that are easy enough to hot-wire, something that will not draw attention to them.

Which is why investing in a physical anti-theft security device is never a bad idea. It takes the risk level of stealing your vehicle from a 0, right up to a 100.

The best part about these devices is that there are some models which have an immobilizer system to stop thieves from hot-wiring your vehicle.

One last benefit of these devices is that insurance companies tend to offer you a premium due to the safety and risk-diversion that these devices provide.

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